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Date: 10/27/2018 
Time: SATURDAY - 9:00AM 
Directions: Hiwy 28, across from La Vina Winery 
English: Items to be Auctioned:
John Deere 3032E tractor-104 hours with loader, disk and rototiller attachments, furniture, art, books, ceramics, wall decorations, household and kitchen items, outdoor furniture! Lots of really swell stuff,and MUCH MUCH MORE!
Spanish: Articulos para Subastar:
Tractor John Deere 3032E-con 104 horas Agricola con Loader, Disco, Rototiller, Muebles, Articulos para Cocina y Casa, y Mucho, Mucho Mas

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Date: 10/28/2018 
Time: 2:00PM - SUNDAY - OCTOBER 28, 2018 
English: Items to be Auctioned:
American International incline conveyor: 25', 24" cleated belt, 3HP gear drive with feed hopper and foot mount, American International incline conveyor: 12', 18" wide belt with cleats, 1.5 HP gear drive with feed hopper and foot mount, Storage bin 14'x12'18' high, Double Hopper bin for loading super sacks or boxes: 8'2"x12'8"x18' high, Nissan Forklift: 50 Model (5,000lb) with rotator mast, Adams undercarriage conveyor on 4 wheels: 7.5HP motor stainless steel, Meyers Pecan Sizer: (Modern Electronics) approx. 32' long, 12' pecan meats inspection table with vibrators, Feeder bin 5'x7'x3' steel, Feeder bin 5'x7'x3' steel, Feeder bin 3'x4'x2' steel, Barrel lift/dumper 16' high, Packaging machine for pecan meats - stainless steel, (4) propane tanks 33.5 gallon for forklifts, 1976 Clarklift w/rotator mast, Feeder bin stainless steel for packaging pecan meats, Produce Bagger for onions, Gardner-Denver screw type air compressor - large unit, 15'x25' walk in cooler with cooling unit, 8'x10' small conveyor, (5) working Meyers Pecan Crackers, (1) non-working Meyers Pecan Crackers, (2) 5,000lb floor pallet scales with digital read and printer, Non-working scissor lift, 10,000lb floor pallet scale, 16'x4'x4' set of stacking bins, (2) Pecan in-shell handling conveyors with hopper feed, (3) sack sewing machines, Miscellaneous tools, Used Super Sacks - various sizes approx. 2,000, 4-5,000 new miscellaneous cardboard boxes - various sizes, Miscellaneous office furniture and equipment.
There will be a  $500.00  deposit required at time of registration.

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Date: 11/3/2018 
Time: 9:00AM-SATURDAY 
#1 McKelligon Caynon Dr - El Paso TX 
English: Items to be Auctioned:
MCK1 2003 2500 Chevrolet FB 1GCHK2963313892 MCK3 Johnston Sweeper MCK4 2004 Peterbilt Water Truck 1NPALTOX54D815263 MCK5 2003 Peterbilt Tractor 1NPALTOX54D815263 MCK6 1996 Int'l 4200 Service 1HTSCAAN3TH395302 MCK7 2002 Ford F550 Service 1FDAF56F52ED68395 MCK8 1995 Int'l 4700 Service 1HTSCAAM3TH355633 MCK9 2007 Peterbilt 1XPFD49X07D669912 MCK10 2006 Peterbilt 1XPFOB9X970656998 MCK11 2006 KW W900 Truck 1NKWXTEX96J103657 MCK12 2005 Kenworth Mixer 1NKWXTEX865103969 MCK13 2006 Kenworth Mixer 1NKWXTEX97J165688 MCK14 2006 KW Mix Truck W900B 1NKWXTEX26J103693 MCK15 2007 KW Ready Mix Truck 1NKWXTTX47J165715 MCK16 2006 KW W900 MIXER - 11YD 1NKWXTEX66J103700 MCK17 2005 KW W900 TRUCK - 11YD 1NKWXTEX86J103682 MCK18 2006 KW W900B Truck -11YD INKWXTEX06J603692 MCK19 Caterpillar Forklift SN#38Y03201 MCK20 2006 KW W900 MIX TRUCK 1NKWL0EXX4R057488 MCK21 2004 Tractor 1NKWLOEX25R072598 MCK21 2004 KW Water Truck 1NKWLOOX55J097369 MCK22 1997 KW Water Truck W900B 1NKWL90X0VR671639 MCK23 1999 GMC Flat 6500 1HD66H1C5XJJ08453 MCK24 2003 KW Tractor 1X5D009X33J89472 MCK25 2000 CAT Loader 980G SN#2KR04266 MCK26 2001 GMC C6500 Service 1GDJ6HIC42J503243 MCK27 2003 KW Tandum 2NKML29X94MO55907 MCK28 2003 KW Tandum 2NKML29X94MO55907 MCK29 2003 KW Tandum 2NKML29X04MO55908 MCK30 1998 KW Super 1NKWX9TX9WR757386 MCK31 1989 KW Super 1NKWX9TX0WR757390 MCK32 2006 Peterbilt Super 1NPA20TX17N693287 MCK33 1997 GMC FB Service IGDJ6HIJ0V75I5327 MCK34 1992 KW Tractor T800 1XKDDE8X3N5570823 MCK35 KW Truck 1XKDD09X13J894468 MCK36 OSHKOSH Water Truck 10TDCKY36VS062092 MCK37 2005 KW Tractor 1XKDDO8X15R083257 MCK38 2005 KW Tractor 1XKDDO8X15R083257 MCK39 1995 KW Water Truck 1NKWL90X155648004 MCK40 2010 Bobcat Skid Steer A3L336394 MCK43 2003 Norberg HP400 Crusher HP400175 MCK44 54" El Jay Crusher ? MCK45 Standard Chieftain Pwr Screen SN#5009152 MCK46 Feeder Hopper w/30" Conveyor HMDE MCK47 2007 Equinox NG Burner UF1967EQ1967 MCK48 Winco Portable Generator 29281A87 MCK49 Vince Hagen Portable Batch Plant MCK50 IR 825 CFM Port Generator MCK51 IR Port Air Compressor SN#175971U89178 MCK52 IR 900 CFM Port Air Compressor MCK53 Pioneer Jaw 42"X48" MCK54 Old 3 Deck Screen MCK55 Cedar Rapids Horizontal 3 Deck Screen MCK56 Oberg P-200 Filter Crusher SN#24300 MCK57 Oberg P-200 Filter Crusher SN#24480 MCK58 Oberg P-200 Filter Crusher SN#24339 MCK59 (2)Miller Bobcat 1600 Port Welder MCK60 IR 7100 Air Comp SN#826852 MCK61 Twin 5Z4048 Air Comp SN#0612966-774419 MCK62 (4)Oil Storage Tanks 275-400 Gal MCK63 Dayton 9Speed 20" Floor Drill Press" Md. No. 3Z919C MCK64 Dayton 5Speed 16"" Floor Drill Press" Md. No. 3Z918C MCK65 15HP IR 7100 Piston Air Compressor 0 SN#30T808850 MCK66 Blue Smoke EQ #1 Fan System SN#2008-396 MCK67 Blue Smoke EQ #2 Housing and Filtration SN# 2712646" MCK68 1996 CB Packaged Boiler/Cleaver Brooks SN L-95563 2000 Toyota 7FGU25 Forklift SN: 63246, 2003 Chevy 1500 VIN: 1GCEC14V03Z124472 2005CAT 216B Skid Steer SN: RLL02284 (Hole in Block) 2007 CAT 262 SKID STEER SN: PDT04473 1999 IR P185WJD VIN: 296671UAJ22 2005 IR P185WJD VIN: 349643U10221 2008 IR Light Tower SN: 403678 (Texas License R000006228)
Spanish: Articulos para Subastar:
(Lic TX R000006228)
There will be a  $500.00  deposit required at time of registration.

There are 78 Image(s) listed for this auction.

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