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Date: 10/21/2017 
Time: 9:00AM-SATURDAY 
CITY 2003 CHEVY IMPALA 2G1WF52E039300770, 2003 CHEVY IMPALA 2G1WF52EX39302008, 2002 FORD CV 2FAFP71W72X106537, 2009 DODGE DURANGO 1D8HB48P59F708133, 2003 FORD CV 2FAFP71WX3X208917, 2009 FORD P71 2FAHP71V69X109570, 2008 FORD CV 2FAFP71V88X114937, 1999 FORD 1FTRF17Z4XKC17663, 2006 FORD X141 1FTPX14596KC17694, 2009 FORD F141 1FTPF14V09KB23341, 2000 CHEVY CAVALIER 3G1JC5242YS224411, 1998 FORD WINSTAR 2FTZA54U8WB037599, 2005 FORD CRWN VIC 2FAFP71W95X143299, 2009 GM CS15 1GCCS19E4998146363, 1993 CHEVY VAN 2GCFG35K8P4149156, 1998 DODGE RPC 1B7HF16Z2XS245086, 1997 INT'L 4700LP 1HTSLABK5VH404122, 2009 FORD P71 2FAHP71V29X106231, 2007 FORD CVP 2FAFP71W07X118343, 2007 INT'L 4200 SBA 1HTMPAFN77H433786, 1998 FORD WINSTAR 2FTZA54U8WBD37599, 2009 GM CS15 1GCCS19E498146363, 2001 FORD CVP 2FAFP71W81X167152, 2010 DODGE CHARGER 2B3CA4CT8AH269174, 2010 DODGE CHARGER 2B3CA4CT5AH269181, 2012 DODGE CHARGER 2C3CDXAT9CH278404, SEIZURES 1997 TOYOTA 4-RUNNER JT3HN87R6V9005122, 1994 PLYMOUTH DUSTER 1P3AP6438RN111628, 2008 CHEVY SILVER 2GCEK13C381313958, 2000 DODGE STRATUS 1B3EJ46X9YN215066, 1996 HONDA CIVIC 1HGEJ6624TL015006, 2014 SUBARU IMPREZA JFIGJAC62EH017107, 1998 BUICK CENTURY 2G4WS52M5W1418807, 2001 TOYOTA CAMRY 4T1BG28K31U019976, 2004 MAZDA TRIBUT 4F2CZ04194KM28049, 2005 CHEVY COBALT 1G1SK52F357641826, 1995 LNDR DISCOVERY SAL1Y1246SA145245, 1994 HONDA EX JHMCD5660RC047405, 2005 MITSU (salvage)LANCER JA3AJ26E95U051818, 1994 PONTIAC GRAND AM 1G2NE1521RM557977, 1994 TOYOTA UCL 4T1SK12E5RU858938, 1988 HONDA ACCORD JHMCA5536JC075620, 1994 OLDS CUTLASS 1G3WH55M4RD378534, 1978 FORD MON 1Z37U8K482928, 2007 FORD (salvage) FUSION 3FAHP06Z47R186145, 1995 ISUZU PK JAACL11L7S7201740, 2000 HONDA CIVIC 1HGEJ6676YL013700, 1994 NISSAN SENTRA JN1EB31P8RU327977, 1999 HONDA AEX JHMCG5659XC040142, 1993 HONDA CIVIC JHMEG85559PS057797, WATER 1999 FORD 1FTRF17Z6XKC17664, 1996 GMC C15 3GKEC16R5TG519025, 2006 FORD SWR 1FDSF20P66EEC94723, GAS 2005 FORD SWR 1FDSF21P75ED18251, 2007 FORD F20F 1FDSF20P67EB22676, 1999 DODGE RPC 1B7HF16Z2XS245068, 1996 CARR 2200 22498TA, 1996 CHEVY LUMINA 2G1WL52M6T1187356, SHARED SERVICES 2004 FORD F150 2FTPF17Z14CA69849, 1998 CHEVY BLAZER 1GNDT13WXWK195544, 1996 FORD COF 1FTEF15N4TLB34625, TRANSIT 2008 FORD E45F 1FD4E45P18DB01144, 2006 FORD STA 1FDXE45P65HB13906, 2004 FORD CTV 1FDWE35F83HB92764,

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Date: 10/22/2017 
Time: 1:00PM-SUNDAY 
2000 CHEVY PRIZM 1Y61SK5287YZ435989 1999 CHEVY PK 1B7GL23XXLS676460 2000(SAL)TOYOTA TACOMA TANL42NXYZ620385 1990 DODGE DAKOTA 1B7GL23XXLS676460 2009 FORD FUSION 3FAHP07Z59R118115 1992 DODGE DYNASTY 1B3XC4637ND783477 1998 FORD RANGER 1FTYR14U9WPA94634 2001 AUDI A44 WAUDC68D71A151171 1994 JEEP GR CHERO 1J4GZ78YXRC206939 1993 GMC SIERRA 2GTEK19K9P1539161 1985 CHEVY CK/10 1GCDC14N7FJ146547 1999 HONDA ACCORD LX 1HGCG554XXA038598 2005 CHEVY IMPALA 2G1WH52K159307052 1981 TOYOTA CGT JT2RA44C4B0025902 2001 CHEVY C 1G1JC124217242159 2002 SATURN ION 1G8ZY12782Z187660 1996 CHEVY GM4 2GCEK19R8T1115106 1995 CADI FLB 1G6DW52PXSR711567 1998 LEXUS ES300 JT8BF28G7W0086886 1990 FORD RANGER 1FTCR14T4LPA66026 1996 HYUNDAI ELANTRA KMHJF24M3TU201797 2003 HONDA ACCORD 1HGCM71673A00804 1988 NISSAN PATHFINDER JN8HD16Y5JW020158/

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Date: 10/28/2017 
Time: 10/28/2017-9:00AM-SATURDAY, 10/29/2017-9:00AM-SUNDAY 
Directions: North of Willcox on Ft Grant Rd. left on Bonita 
10/28/2017-9:00AM-SATURDAY-1919 MACK FB TRUCK AND TRAILER, ANTIQUES AND COLLECTIBLES, ELECTRICAL, FIREARFMS, MOTORCYCLES, AND MUCH, MUCH MORE! 10/29/2017-9:00AM-SUNDAY-EQUIPMENT, BACKHOE, TRAILERS, MODERN TRACTOR-TRAILERS, LIVESTOCK PANELS, AND MUCH MUCH MORE! VEHICLES 1919 MACK TRUCK, Matching Trailer for 1919 MACK, 1980 Corvette, 1973 Willys, 1959 Willys, 1951 Ford F5, 1957 In'tl Fire Truck, 1970 Mack Value Liner 2000 Volvo Semi Truck-Cummins 13 Spd-1.1 Million Miles, Reinke FB Trailer, Semi Trailer-Parts Only, Load Craft Drop Deck Trailer W/Auto Dovetail & Wench, 1999-20' Gooseneck-12,000 LBS, 1996 Dodge Dually 4WD W/Tool Box & Fuel Tank, 2006 Hummer, 2007 Dodge Dually Mega-Cab 4WD, 2-Tom Cars, Tom Car-Title Issues, 2000 MACK Vision 460-711,856 Miles, Whizzer Bike-Electric Start, 2-Whizzer Bikes, 1982 Honda Gold Wing M/C, Ridley Motorcycle, 2005 Suzuki Boulevard C50 Motocycle, Sandancer Utility Cart, 1988 Harley Davidson W/Non-Harley Side Car, 2000 Indian Motorcycle, ANTIQUES & COLLECTIBLES Fairbanks Z Antique Engine, Monitor Antique Engine, Maytag Antique Engine, 1960 Texaco Sign, CASE SC Antique Tractor-Yard Art, Farmall H tractor, Tokheim Antique Gas Pump, Regulator Clock, Texaco Oil Pump Tank, Chuck Wagon-Rough-Needs Restoration, Homemade Horse Drawn Wagon, USS Thorton Bell, 3 Horse Carousel, 2-Texaco Gas Signs, 3-Reproduction Oil Co Signs, MACK Truck Neon Sign, MACK Service Sign, Misc MACK Banners, Howe Platform Scale, MACK Truck Books, Asst of Steel Wheels, Asst Die Cast Toy Trucks, 2-Pedal Tractors, Asst. Die Cast Toy Collectibles, Player Piano, Lanterns, Railroad Lanterns, Wood Rocking Horse, Wooden Cigar Store Indian, Traffic Light, EQUIPMENT CAT B-12 Forklift (needs repair) IH DX40 Tractor W/Canopy-LX350 Loader-BHX 1102 Backhoe, Water Tank Trailer, Trailer Dolly, Hydraulic Pull Type Box Scraper, DR Chipper, Ariens Riding Mower, Yard Machines Riding Mower, DR Self Powered Pull Mower, ETQ Diesel Generator, Lg Fuel Tank W/Pump, Sm Fuel Tank W/Pump, 2-Truck Sleepers, Cement Mixer, TOOLS DeWalt Radial Arm Saw, Large Vise on Stand, Hydraulic Shop Press, Clark Shear/Brake/Roll, Lincoln Weld Pak 155, Lincoln Power MIG Welder 255 Lincoln Pro Cut 55 Plasma Cutter, Ranger Transmission Jack, May Tire-Matic Changer, Cherry Picker Engine Hoist, Enerco Shop Heater, Air Post Driver, EMAX Gas Powered Air Compressor, Kobalt Top & Bottom Tool Box W/Asst Tools, 1" Drive Air Impact, Craftsman Tool Box Set W/Assorted Tools, Black & Gold Bottom Box W Contents, Wiring Table W/Supp-lies, Misc Yard Tools & Mowers, Drill Press, Assorted Tools & Shop Equipment, MISCELLANEOUS Large Fan, Misc. Saddles, Western Rawhide Saddle, Clovar Saddle, Long Horn Saddle, Ozark Leather Saddle, Misc Tack, Peanut Cart, Draft Team Harness, KHS Al Lite 1000 Bicycle, Assorted Tie Down Straps, Assorted Trailer Parts and Lights, New Truck Wheels, Park Bench, 2 Burner Camp Stove, Homemade BBQ Grill, Assorted Hardware, Scrap Metal and Misc Iron, Household Furnishings-Show Lots of Wear, Misc Jewelry, Knife & Bayonet Collection, FIREARMS & RELATED EQUIPMENT Caldwell Shooting Gallery, Cannon Gun Safe, Small Brown Gun Safe, Reloading Equipment, Enfield SMLE III Rifle-Bolt 303, Cimarron Revolver 45 Colt, Cimarron Revolver 45 Colt, Colt Police Pos 38 Revolver Colt Revolver 38/357, Remington 700 ADL Rifle 30-06, Mauser 1910 Pistol 32, Freedom Arms W/Belt Buckle Revolver 22, Henry Rifle-Pump 22, Henry Rifle-Lever 22, Saginaw M1 Carbine Rifle 30, Rock OLA M1 Carbine Rifle 30, Inland M1 Carbine Rifle 30, Iver Johnson M1 Carbine Rifle, 2-Springfield M1 Garand Rifle 30-06, Stoeger Dbl Barrel Shotgun 12, Muzzleloader Rifle 50, Chiappa M 1911 Pistol 22, Uzi Rifle 22, Uzi Pistol 22, Colt M16 Carbine Rifle 22, Winchester 94 AE Rifle-Lever 44 Mag, Beretta Jet Fire Pistol 25, Taurus Judge Revolver 45/410, Taurus 85 Revolver 38, Marlin 336 Rifle-Lever 30-30, Marlin 1894 Rifle-Lever 44 Mag, Marlin 39A Rifle-Lever 22, Marlin 1895 G Rifle-Lever 45/70, Rossi 92 Rifle-Lever 38/357, Stevens 311 Dbl Barrel Shotgun 12 GA, Stevens Dbl Barrel Shotgun 16 GA, Remington 12 Rifle-Pump 22, Remington 12C Rifle-Pump 22, Ithica 37 Shotgun-Pump 20 GA, H & R M1 Rifle 30-06, Ruger Pistol 45 ACP, Charter Arms Pug Revolver 357, Rossi Revolver 28/357, Colt 1917 Revolver 45 ACP, 1851 Navy Black Powder Revolver 44, Marlin Glenfield Rifle 22, 2-Smith & Wesson 3000 Shotgun-Pump 12 GA, Ruger Super Blackhawk Pistol 45 Colt, Ruger Single 6 Pistol 22, Ruger Mini 14 Ranch Rifle 223, Ruger 10/22 Rifle 22, Chiappa Legacy M1 Carbine Rifle 22, American Derringer 45/410, Rossi 20 GA Shotgun, Bushmaster Rifle 223, Assorted Ammo
There will be a  $500.00  deposit required at time of registration.

There are 161 Image(s) listed for this auction.

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