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Date: 8/18/2018 
Time: 9:00AM-SATURDAY 
English: Items to be Auctioned:
1983 Ford LT8000, 1985 Ford F7000, 1990 Spartan Baron, 1991 GMC C7H042, 1992 Chevy K3500, 1997 Ford Ranger, 2-2005 Ford F150, 2-1988 Ford Econoline-Ambulances, 2000 Ford F150, 2-2000 Chevy C1500, 2001 Chevy C1500, 1990 Ford F150, 1998 Chevy Suburban, 1996 Dodge B3500, 1990 Ford F150, 1996 Chevy K3500, 1998 Chevy C1500, 1989 GMC C1500, 1987 TD20, 1988 GEHL3615 3615, 2004 Ford Ranger, 1990 KWT800, 1993 Ford Ranger, 1998 Chevy C1500, 2006 Ford F150, 1996 PS130, 1996 613C, 1985 CASE 580SE, 2-2000 Broce Brooms RJ350, 2000 Chevy K2500, 2003 Dodge RAM 1500, 2004 Chevy K1500, Coats 6401 Truck Balance, Hunter DS9600 Tire Balancer, 2-Coats Tire Machine Rim Clamp, FP-22 Fire Pump, IR 10FGT Air Compressor, American Blue Boy Pipe Bender, Sun MCA-3000 Computer Analyzer, 2-Allen Test Analyzers, Machine Tools Industrial OR-2501F Drill Press, Stanley HP-1 Compact 6720 Portable Hydraulic Pump, Range 8 Lincoln Welder, Hunter DSP 9000 Wheel Balancer, B&D Valve Refacer, Black Hawk Mobile Crane, NAPA Hydraulic Press,1996 Chevy Suburban, 1998 Chevy S10, 1998 Ford Crown Victoria, 2000 Ford Crown Victoria, 2002 Ford Crown Victoria, 4-2003 Ford Crown Victoria’s, 2-2006 Ford Crown Victoria’s, 11-2007 Ford Crown Victoria’s, 7-2008 Ford Crown Victoria’s, 3-2009 Crown Victoria’s, 4-2010 Crown Victoria’s, 1-2011 Ford Crown Victoria’s
Spanish: Articulos para Subastar:
Vehiculos y Equipo de parte del Condado de Dona Ana. Pago en Efectivo Solamente. Camiones, Camionetas, Balanceador de Neumáticos, Compressores, Grúa Móvil, Bombas Hidrolicas, Doblador de Tuberia, Prensa Hidráulica,y Mucho, Mucho Mas!

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Date: 8/25/2018 
Time: 9:00AM-SATURDAY 
English: Items to be Auctioned:
Bayside Equipment Co Generator Model BS250D-SN 22479 W/Allis Chalmers Diesel Motor, Bayside Equipment Co Generator Model BS250D-SN 22579 W/Allis Chalmers Diesel Motor, Bayside Equipment Co Generator Model Unknown-SN-EF93829 W/Allis Chalmers Diesel Motor, All industrial duty compressors, 250KW Bayside Equipment Co Generator Model BS250D SN 22579 with Allis Chalmers Diesel Motor, 250KW Bayside Equipment Co generator SN EF93829 with Allis Chalmers diesel motor, 450KW Cummings diesel engine generator model KTA19-G3 SN 62057 with transfer switch and portable storage building, Large hot water distribution system with pumps, motor and pipes, small bakup boiler with Cleaver Brooks burner unit, (2) Gardner Denver Electric-Saver II air compressors model EBE99M03 SNS092884, (3) JAVO USA potting/filling machine SN 2999, (3) JAVO USA Robots with conveyors, (3) JAVO USA fork/pot collector robots with conveyor system SNs 3001, 3002, 3003, (4) JAVO USA robot arms/conveyors, (2) JAVO USA pot fillers SN 709, (1) JAVO USA super opt filler, (4) 300-gallon storage tanks with Bean Spray valve and industrial duty electric motor, (2) Smith Measurement Tanks SNs 89LFR and 40LFR with (4) 300-gallon plastic storage tanks, Bean Spray Valves and industrial duty electric motors, AQUA-HORT Copper Ionizer Systems, (2) Knight Soil Mix Systems, (2) Reel Augie Knight Soil Mixers with Auger, (2) Bouldwin & Lawson soil hoppers, (3) Complete monorail aluminum container transport systems, PRIVA Environmental Fertilizer System and all components, EBB/FLO aluminum containers with watering system and container transport lines including supports, rail pip, gutters, motors, drive wheels and drive axles, (3) ALCOA AGRO Hydrolic aluminum container wash systems, Echo hanging basket system, (3) Computer controlled container transport cars with conveyor system, (3) Automatic overhead stacker with traverse crane, automatic container cleaner and spray boom Recycle water system including 10 tanks, pumps, motors and spraying systems, Water recycling filter system, (6) Clear Stream filters, (5) Plant Tech control water injection pumps, Light reducing and light black out shade system with motors, guide wires and Priva computers Transit soil transport system transport lines, container handling equipment, aluminum containers, soil mixing, sterilization and potting equipment, conveyors, steel and aluminum tables with rollers, rolling and stationary aluminum container benches, carts, racks, trays, packing line, mist and spaghetti watering lines and system, Modine heating units and Russell Refrigeration Units, ventilation fans, cooler pads, Priva CO2 heaters, Desks, chairs, credenzas, filing cabinets, computer systems, computer software, phone system copy machine, automatic tape machine, electric doors, overhead doors, AND MUCH MUCH MORE! Desks, Chairs, Credenzas, Cabinets, Computer Systems, Phone Systems, All Office Equipment, Work Tables, Automatic Boxers, Automatic Tape Machine,, Heating/Cooling Systems, Electric Doors Including Overhead Doors, All Heating/Cooling Units-Modine Heating Units, Russell Refrig Units, Electrical Ventilation Fans, Cooler Pads, Priva CO2 Units/Heaters, Aluminum Container Benches(Approx 5,300) Stationary/Rolling, Carts, Racks, Trays, Packing Line, Zone Maximizers, Light Reducing/Black Out Shade Systems, Electric Motors/Guide Wires with Priva Computers, Water Distribution Systems Including Galvanized/PVC Pipe, Spaghetti Watering Lines/System, Water Pumps, Chemical Injection System, CO2 Injection System, Automatic Watering System, Hot Water Heating System, Pumps, Storage Tanks, All Equipment in Boiler Room-Electrical Panels, Circuit Breakers, All Pumps/Delivery Systems, All equipment in chemical storage area-4 plastic 300 gal. storage tanks attached to Bean Spray Valve, each having an industrial duty electric motor, all chemical mixing tanks attached to Smith Measurement tank SN 89LFR and Smith Measurement Tank SN40LFR, all electrical panels and circuit breakers, hot water heaters, air compressors, AQUA-HORT Copper Ionizer Systems All Equipment in Environmental Control Center including Priva Computer System, all accessories, attachments, gauges used with Priva Computer System, all office equipment, computer software, telephone system, all soil mixing-sterilization- potting equipment, conyeyors, tables, transit soil transportation system, (2) Knight soil mix systems, (3) automatic overhead stackers with traverse crane, automatic container cleaner, spray boom, automatic Mist watering system, Ebb/Flo containers,/container work system-numerous container benches, handling system includes rails to move containers, Auto Transport Car-motorized-pinch-space-harvest work system, porting/planting work system, 3M box taping machine-no serial no, (2) Bouldwin & Lawson Soil Hoppers-no serial no, (2) Gardner Denver/Electric Saver II air compressors model EBE99M03 SN S092884, New Canadian 200 Water Heater CONSIGNMENTS WILL BE ACCEPTED BEGINNING AUGUST 20TH
There will be a  $500.00  deposit required at time of registration.

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Date: 9/15/2018 
Time: 2:00PM-SATURDAY 
Directions: Off Hyde Park-Hwy 475 Santa Fe New Mexico 
English: Items to be Auctioned:
ATTENTION-VERY IMPORTANT EACH PROSPECTIVE BIDDER MUST HAVE A CASHIERS CHECK IN THE AMOUNT OF TEN THOUSAND DOLLARS ($10,000.00), PAYABLE TO PIMA TITLE, AT THE TIME OF REGISTRATION 2:00 PM – Saturday September 15, 2018 To be held at 1 North Summit Drive, Santa Fe, New Mexico Real Property Located on Hyde Park Road in Santa Fe, New Mexico Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Estate of Ralph Leo Brutsche US Bankruptcy Court Case 11-13326 SH-7 Seven (7) Parcels  2140 Paseo Primero – 1.030 AC +/-  2144 Paseo Primero – 1.271 AC +/-  1293 N Summit Drive* – 0.515 AC +/-  1297 N Summit Drive* – 0.273 AC +/-  1408 Tesuque Creek* – 0.331 AC +/-  1411 Tesuque Creek* – 0.250 AC +/-  1200 Horse Thief Canyon – 5.945 AC +/- *Restrictive Covenants apply – please call or e-mail Michelle at (575) 526-1106 or michelle@cfdauction.com for a copy of the Restrictive Covenants. "Click Here for Pictures" button to see samples of Real Estate Contract. Property may be inspected between 8:00 AM and 5:00 PM beginning September 7, 2018 through September 14, 2018 and on Saturday, September 15, 2018 prior to the auction. Information will be available at 1 N Summit Drive, off Hyde Park Road (Hwy 475), ½ mile past Ten Thousand Waves Spa. ATTENTION-VERY IMPORTANT EACH PROSPECTIVE BIDDER MUST HAVE A CASHIERS CHECK IN THE AMOUNT OF TEN THOUSAND DOLLARS ($10,000.00), PAYABLE TO PIMA TITLE, AT THE TIME OF REGISTRATION.

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