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Date: 10/21/2017 
Time: 9:00AM-SATURDAY 
Items/Vehicles/Machinary(English): CITY 2003 CHEVY IMPALA 2G1WF52E039300770, 2003 CHEVY IMPALA 2G1WF52EX39302008, 2002 FORD CV 2FAFP71W72X106537, 2009 DODGE DURANGO 1D8HB48P59F708133, 2003 FORD CV 2FAFP71WX3X208917, 2009 FORD P71 2FAHP71V69X109570, 2008 FORD CV 2FAFP71V88X114937, 1999 FORD 1FTRF17Z4XKC17663, 2006 FORD X141 1FTPX14596KC17694, 2009 FORD F141 1FTPF14V09KB23341, 2000 CHEVY CAVALIER 3G1JC5242YS224411, 1998 FORD WINSTAR 2FTZA54U8WB037599, 2005 FORD CRWN VIC 2FAFP71W95X143299, 2009 GM CS15 1GCCS19E4998146363, 1993 CHEVY VAN 2GCFG35K8P4149156, 1998 DODGE RPC 1B7HF16Z2XS245086, 1997 INT'L 4700LP 1HTSLABK5VH404122, 2009 FORD P71 2FAHP71V29X106231, 2007 FORD CVP 2FAFP71W07X118343, 2007 INT'L 4200 SBA 1HTMPAFN77H433786, 1998 FORD WINSTAR 2FTZA54U8WBD37599, 2009 GM CS15 1GCCS19E498146363, 2001 FORD CVP 2FAFP71W81X167152, 2010 DODGE CHARGER 2B3CA4CT8AH269174, 2010 DODGE CHARGER 2B3CA4CT5AH269181, 2012 DODGE CHARGER 2C3CDXAT9CH278404, SEIZURES 1997 TOYOTA 4-RUNNER JT3HN87R6V9005122, 1994 PLYMOUTH DUSTER 1P3AP6438RN111628, 2008 CHEVY SILVER 2GCEK13C381313958, 2000 DODGE STRATUS 1B3EJ46X9YN215066, 1996 HONDA CIVIC 1HGEJ6624TL015006, 2014 SUBARU IMPREZA JFIGJAC62EH017107, 1998 BUICK CENTURY 2G4WS52M5W1418807, 2001 TOYOTA CAMRY 4T1BG28K31U019976, 2004 MAZDA TRIBUT 4F2CZ04194KM28049, 2005 CHEVY COBALT 1G1SK52F357641826, 1995 LNDR DISCOVERY SAL1Y1246SA145245, 1994 HONDA EX JHMCD5660RC047405, 2005 MITSU (salvage)LANCER JA3AJ26E95U051818, 1994 PONTIAC GRAND AM 1G2NE1521RM557977, 1994 TOYOTA UCL 4T1SK12E5RU858938, 1988 HONDA ACCORD JHMCA5536JC075620, 1994 OLDS CUTLASS 1G3WH55M4RD378534, 1978 FORD MON 1Z37U8K482928, 2007 FORD (salvage) FUSION 3FAHP06Z47R186145, 1995 ISUZU PK JAACL11L7S7201740, 2000 HONDA CIVIC 1HGEJ6676YL013700, 1994 NISSAN SENTRA JN1EB31P8RU327977, 1999 HONDA AEX JHMCG5659XC040142, 1993 HONDA CIVIC JHMEG85559PS057797, WATER 1999 FORD 1FTRF17Z6XKC17664, 1996 GMC C15 3GKEC16R5TG519025, 2006 FORD SWR 1FDSF20P66EEC94723, GAS 2005 FORD SWR 1FDSF21P75ED18251, 2007 FORD F20F 1FDSF20P67EB22676, 1999 DODGE RPC 1B7HF16Z2XS245068, 1996 CARR 2200 22498TA, 1996 CHEVY LUMINA 2G1WL52M6T1187356, SHARED SERVICES 2004 FORD F150 2FTPF17Z14CA69849, 1998 CHEVY BLAZER 1GNDT13WXWK195544, 1996 FORD COF 1FTEF15N4TLB34625, TRANSIT 2008 FORD E45F 1FD4E45P18DB01144, 2006 FORD STA 1FDXE45P65HB13906, 2004 FORD CTV 1FDWE35F83HB92764,

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